Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week 6 Day 4 - here comes the rain again

Koda had a fun day yesterday.. it was sunny and hot so she got to spend some time out on the deck with Tucker and I. My dad came over to help with some yard work so she got to goose him hello, then my friend ann came over and she goosed her hello, too.

I doubt this is something i'm ever going to be able to break her of. I have gotten used to it, but it's not something the average visitor appreciates. The problem is if i step in before it's about to happen, my hand gets dangerously close to the offending area.. i think that's even less comfortable for everyone involved.

Anyway.. it was pretty hot so she had to go inside and rest in her crate. I'm so thankful i put in central air last year. It has come in so handy with her recovery given i keep that ortho bed in her crate to keep her comfortable.. i bet that thing is crazy hot when it's hot inside.

Tuck doesn't touch his dog bed in the summer, but loves it in the winter.. so i'm sure that's why.

I'm on vacation this week, but it's going to rain all week.. i'm sure she's not going to be fond of being crated while i'm home. She doesn't normally mind, but i've been giving her an hour here and there of out-of-crate time when i'm home, as long as she doesn't get bouncy and want to play.

She tried to entice tuck into a rousing game of bitey-face this morning, so she went back into the crate.. but then went right to sleep. I have to say, having her used to the crate has been an invaluable tool throughout this entire process. Keeping her quiety w/o it would have proven to be hugely difficult at this stage of the game.

Oh.. and i think now's a good time to point out.. we're officially HALF WAY THROUGH her second and final surgery.

13 weeks is the day she can go back to normal activity.. so that makes us halfway.. and if you put both surgeries together.. 3/4 of the way done the entire ordeal.

I try not to look too forward to the end, because that falls close to september and i don't want september to come.. i want to enjoy every second of summer! We had such a brutal winter, i don't even want to think about fall!

So.. all is well as we continue our daily short walks. We're working on not being an asshole when walking on a leash.. and we're currently at pain in the ass.. so that's good.. when she's fully recovered, she'll be able to take obedience classes and i'm lookng forward to those. They did tuck a world of good when he was a douchebag puppy. =)

I've been leaving her out of her crate for sporadic moments throughout the day to see if she'll be able to be left during the day at some point. Tuck, although a hugely bad puppy, could be left at around 9 months.. i get the feeling koda would have eaten my entire house if she'd had that same right.. but she's going to be 2 next month and i'm hoping she'll be ready.

I left her once for 10 minutes when she first got here and she chewed my baseboards.

Now i'll leave her for 5-15 minute periods and she's done okay.. we'll see how that works out.

My biggest concern is tuck.. he's not a fan of having her invade his personal space, so if i'm not around to stop her, she made drive him mad. My poor boy.. such a rough life he has.

Okay... this has nothing to do with her injury.. which is what this blog is for.. but in case you hadn't noticed.. since week 2, there hasn't been much to report.. so unless you want nothing but dead air.. "maintenance mode" is going to be full of me babbling.

Sorry =)

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