Monday, June 29, 2009

Week 6 Day 5

Something's bothering me about Koda's leg today. It's just a feeling I have. So no more lounging on the deck. I'm going to put her back on strict crate rest. I've had people over the last few days and had her out to socialize because she needs it.

Maybe it's too much too soon and it makes me nervous, but I can't shake the feeling that she needs more rest right now. So that's what I'm going to do with her.

Better safe than sorry. And she settles much more comfortably in her crate, anyway.

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Someone snuck herself up on the couch

I'm not naming names...

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week 6 Day 4 - here comes the rain again

Koda had a fun day yesterday.. it was sunny and hot so she got to spend some time out on the deck with Tucker and I. My dad came over to help with some yard work so she got to goose him hello, then my friend ann came over and she goosed her hello, too.

I doubt this is something i'm ever going to be able to break her of. I have gotten used to it, but it's not something the average visitor appreciates. The problem is if i step in before it's about to happen, my hand gets dangerously close to the offending area.. i think that's even less comfortable for everyone involved.

Anyway.. it was pretty hot so she had to go inside and rest in her crate. I'm so thankful i put in central air last year. It has come in so handy with her recovery given i keep that ortho bed in her crate to keep her comfortable.. i bet that thing is crazy hot when it's hot inside.

Tuck doesn't touch his dog bed in the summer, but loves it in the winter.. so i'm sure that's why.

I'm on vacation this week, but it's going to rain all week.. i'm sure she's not going to be fond of being crated while i'm home. She doesn't normally mind, but i've been giving her an hour here and there of out-of-crate time when i'm home, as long as she doesn't get bouncy and want to play.

She tried to entice tuck into a rousing game of bitey-face this morning, so she went back into the crate.. but then went right to sleep. I have to say, having her used to the crate has been an invaluable tool throughout this entire process. Keeping her quiety w/o it would have proven to be hugely difficult at this stage of the game.

Oh.. and i think now's a good time to point out.. we're officially HALF WAY THROUGH her second and final surgery.

13 weeks is the day she can go back to normal activity.. so that makes us halfway.. and if you put both surgeries together.. 3/4 of the way done the entire ordeal.

I try not to look too forward to the end, because that falls close to september and i don't want september to come.. i want to enjoy every second of summer! We had such a brutal winter, i don't even want to think about fall!

So.. all is well as we continue our daily short walks. We're working on not being an asshole when walking on a leash.. and we're currently at pain in the ass.. so that's good.. when she's fully recovered, she'll be able to take obedience classes and i'm lookng forward to those. They did tuck a world of good when he was a douchebag puppy. =)

I've been leaving her out of her crate for sporadic moments throughout the day to see if she'll be able to be left during the day at some point. Tuck, although a hugely bad puppy, could be left at around 9 months.. i get the feeling koda would have eaten my entire house if she'd had that same right.. but she's going to be 2 next month and i'm hoping she'll be ready.

I left her once for 10 minutes when she first got here and she chewed my baseboards.

Now i'll leave her for 5-15 minute periods and she's done okay.. we'll see how that works out.

My biggest concern is tuck.. he's not a fan of having her invade his personal space, so if i'm not around to stop her, she made drive him mad. My poor boy.. such a rough life he has.

Okay... this has nothing to do with her injury.. which is what this blog is for.. but in case you hadn't noticed.. since week 2, there hasn't been much to report.. so unless you want nothing but dead air.. "maintenance mode" is going to be full of me babbling.

Sorry =)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Week 6 Day 2

Our walk yesterday went well.. no limping.. a bit of leash fighting.. but overall, as good as it gets. Of course it wasn't very long.. but she got some out-of-crate time which is always a welcome change for her.

Now that the walks start, i distinctly remember from last time her fondness for the crate deminishes.

She's rarin' to go, that one..

I'm off this coming week.. finally.. but it looks like it's going to rain for most of it. Neither of my dogs care, they'll walk in any weather, so we'll be out there, every day.. walkies!

Man, i'm so excited to walk them together.. i've never done it.. i hope it's possible =)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Another milestone is upon us!

Today is the first day koda can go on a short walk! If her last walk was any indication, technically, she'll be walking me.

I find this funny because when her owner handed her off to me that day, she reassured me that she walks so nice on a leash.

Maybe if she was tranquilized, but i have yet to see it.

Now the problem with this, my usual training techniques are hard to implement on post-surgical dog. And at the same time, it's so important that she not pull and walk calmly.

Yeah right.

I bought a martingale for her, we'll see how that works.

My ultimate goal is to have her and tuck walking in a manner that isn't a danger to my health.

A girl can dream, right?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The evening after the post below

I'm not even sure if that post made any sense.. i was trying to bang it out in between my boss asking me a bunch of questions and the phone ringing. If it ended up being coherent.. it's a miracle.

Now.. remember that part where i said oh, she can be on the deck no problem.. she doesn't play on there...

Why do my dogs insist on making me a liar?

It's my fault really.. she sometimes gets this squirly look on her face that says.. i'm about to go crazy! lookout! but i can normally get her to control it and calm down.

I wasn't paying attention, and by the time i saw the butt tuck start, it was too late.. that sweet face turned into monster dog, ran around the table, got her foot caught in the mosquito netting attached to the gazebo and put a huge hole in it.


my sanctuary has a blemish.


I sent that furry butt straight back to the crate where she proceeding to give me those puppy dog eyes.

Momma? I didn't mean it...

Week 5 Day 6 -

People who don't have dogs think i'm insane.

Some with also think that.

Well, we're having a bit of a heat wave up here in northeastern ontario.. something we never had all year last year.. so nobody's complaining too loudly.

I left the AC on in the house for the dogs while i'm at work.

Normally i probably wouldn't have.. there are cool floor surfaces they can lay on and with all the blinds closed i can usually keep the house cool enough for someone who's sedentary.. but with Princess Gimpy forced into a crate w/o a cool surface.. and even worse that her ortho bed is foam wrapped in sheepskin ish..

Plus it's one thing less for me to worry about.

She's doing great, btw.. i can bring her out for some reprive time on the deck with me which is nice.. her and tuck don't play on the deck so she gets to stretch her legs a bit out there.

We start our walks on thursday.

She looks like she's 100% back to normal.. no limps, no pain, nothing.. she looks great. Remember self.. she looks perfect, but she's not.. you'll get there!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm changing her name to kodaroo

She sits on the base of her tail. Reminds me of a kangaroo! =)

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Week 5 - Day 2


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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week 5

A lunch break for everyone

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Week 5!

So.. we made it to week 5! Oddly it seems longer than that.. this was about the time last time that she got much more antsy in her crate.. i think shortly thereafter she destroyed her ortho bed in protest.

Not much to report.. i took her off the benedryl yesterday.. so far so good, but we'll see how it goes after i mow the lawn =) I'm really hoping it was related to the intubation because i already have a dog with allergies, i was hoping to avoid that this time around. Oh well, it could certainly be worse.

One more week and we start our short walks. I'm looking forward to that.. she would be too if she knew =)

It's tough these days.. she's so happy to have some respite from that crate that it's hard for me to put her back in there. I miss my girl! But it's for her own good. I know that. And i know that despite how great she looks and how great that leg looks.. one mistep too early in the game can send us into a tailspin.. so..back in the crate she goes.

Two surgeries back to back like this is starting to take its toll, i have to admit.. it's already been 5 months of this.. i think we're all a bit weary.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week 4 Day 7

So.. we finally have that cough kicked.. i think the benedryl did the trick. I suppose if it were because of her intubation then that's just a coincidence.. but if it were allergies, we're on the right track.

I'm going to take her off the 'dryl this week and that should give me a good idea of the culprit. Whatever it was, thanks to the advice of a few awesome people, i saved myself and koda the expense and stress of tests that, as of now, were not necessary.

On another note, summer is finally making an appearance here in Northern Ontario.. i'm grateful i have centrral air since koda won't have the ability to find a cool surface to lay on. Not that tucker ever does, but he /could/. I would imagine heat + crate would not be fun for her.. the crate floor is metal so i have to put a blanket or bed in there to keep her comfortable, but it would make things that much more hot for her.

My dad is putting a gate on the back deck today, which means in a few weeks, i'll be able to take her outside to relax without worry about her running around in the yard. I'm looking forward to that.

Tomorrow's the beginning of week 5.. one more week until we start out short walks! Yay!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Week 4 Day 6

Cute when sleeping

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

She's a delicate flower

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Week 4 Day 3 - props to my girl

Today's been a hectic day.. lots of yard work to do so i've been in and out of the house a lot. Mostly out. If i'm outside, I'll usually take tucker with me as long as what i'm doing couldn't impale him in some way.. so he stays in when i'm mowing the lawn or weed whacking..

Koda has been SO GOOD. She just stays in her crate and sleeps. She doesn't complain.. unlike SOME dogs i know *eyes tuck* who gets quite agitated when i'm outside and he's not. Must think he's missing out on something, because he has very little desire to stay outside if i'm not out there.

So i'm so proud of my girl.. she's so well behaved in that crate of hers.. only 1.5 weeks until she can go on short walks! I think we're both looking forward to that!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Week 4

WEEK FOUR!!! How awesome is week four? I love week four.. week four is when they have a good amount of pep.. they feel better.. the pain level, i'm assuming, is manageable and the best part.. you're almost 1/3 of the way finished this process.

Week four feels like you're getting somewhere!

And THAT, is the best part of Week four.

We're still in maintenance mode.. our routine is set and there's not much straying from it. crated 24/7 still, but she seems to take her sweet time finding the perfect spot to poop. I suppose if that was my only freedom during the day, i wouldn't be in a hurry either.. but whem mommy is already late for work and she's sniffing every blade of grass... well... mommy needs more coffee.

Anyway.. i'm now unsure if Koda's cough was related to her surgery at all now.. turns out, it /may/ be an allergy and if it is, you can go ahead and disregard all my lamenting on this blog. Although it is good to note that it is possible for a dog to get Kennel Cough or have throat problems because of intubation and it would sound similar to what koda has.. More investigation required.

Week 3 Day 7 - Wait! Don't say it!

Hmmmm. I think there's been less coughing tonight...

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week 3 Day 7 - Her cough

The sound isn't the best given this was taken with my blackberry.. but it's a good general idea..

We started Benedryl yesterday to rule out pesky allergy.. i'd hate to put her through that testing (her and my visa) and have it be something OTC could fix.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Week 3 Day 6 - bideo

She moves! Just a quickie video at the vets taken with the blackberry.. the dog barking in the background is a beautiful fox red lab.. scared to death of being at the vet.. but boy was he beautiful.

I've never seen a lab react that negatively to being there.. my two LOVE it.. endless attention and all the cookies they can scarf down? What's not to like?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fun at the vet

Makes for a sleepy puppy.

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Week 3 Day 5 - why am I so stupid?

Back from the vet. We scheduled koda for an xray on wednesday. Vet isn't sure why the antibiotics didn't work so we're checking for viral and fungal infection.

And then halfway home it hit me! It can't be blockage, can it? She's crated.. I'd know if she ate something..OH SHIT!!! Remember my post about her destuffing her bed? I bet she swallowed some of the foam! Gah! The office is closed..don't know that this'll mean, but I'm afraid to find out.


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Week 3 Day 5

Koda has a vet appt tonight at 6:30. The coughing, hacking hasn't really stopped since she finished her last round of anti-biotics. It only really happens when she's excited.. mostly for a meal or when she's out of her crate and going outside to pee.

Sometimes, however.. nothing is going on and she'll start.. or she'll start breathing really heavy, in and out, through her nose. She can't stop.. she does it really quickly for 30 seconds at a time.. she woke from a dead sleep once doing that.. it's weird. She doesn't seem scared and when she's done, she settles right away.. but it can't be comfortable for her.

So.. off we go again.. we're close enough to her 4 week post-op to have a good look at her leg tonight too.. hopefully i'll get some positive feedback.

Week 3 day 4 - progress

I let Koda out of her crate to transfer to the crate in my room at bedtime. I was cleaning up a bit first and Koda sat to wait for me. That's when I noticed her first ever tight sit. Both legs in by her side..sitting in a big girl sit!

Since she came to me, koda has always sat with her legs straight out in front of her..kind of like a puppy sit, but more pronounced.

What a great motivator to keep going! She's off the metacam now too, with no signs of limping! We're getting there! The crate restrictions really do work! I know a lot of people try to keep their dogs calm and crate restrictions is hard on people to enforce, but it's so worth it for me because I KNOW she can't accidentally hurt herself.


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Friday, June 5, 2009

Week 3 - two cute for words.

And the slow but steady destruction of an ortho bed.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Week 3 - Are we there yet?

So.. we've reached week three.. my girl is in fine form and bored to tears, i suspect. I got her metacam down to 1/3 the dosage she was originally taking and no limp, yet. Yay!

I did some searching from her previous surgery and i found that I can actually start taking her on short walks in as little as 3 weeks. Crated longer, though. I think some quick strolls down the street will do wonders for her spirit though.

You know.. you research this stuff like crazy before your dog has the surgery. You read about what to do, what can go wrong, all the things you need to buy and expect, but there are a few things that get left out.. how much you miss your dog!

Sure she's still a foot away from me when we watch tv.. but koda is the happy, bouncy, super snuggly dog with absolutely no regard for personal space. If you don't want to cuddle? Too bad, you're doing it!

She's such a happy wiggle butt.. something i get to see for the brief moments that occur between the crate and the front door on her pee breaks. I miss her.. she's right there, and i still miss her.

I keep reminding myself that it's going to be worth it, and I know it will be.. i just can't wait to have my girl back and zonked out on the couch, taking up all the room and leaving me with little =)

One thing that's important to remember, with a high energy dog.. they LOOK good so early on.. it's so tempting to relax the rules a bit.. but the rules are there for a reason.. and we all know what master manupulators dogs are.. DON'T DO IT!

If koda had her way, she'd be bouncing around the place like nothing happened.

There's still 2-3 months of restrictions on her.. at 3 weeks she's seems so good.. it's not easy to force bouncy dogs to behave for that long!

Anyway.. we've been very fortunate to have little problems this time around.. i'll have to post the pictures of her first surgery and the swelling in her leg that sent me to the emerg vet and caused a whole bruhaha between 3 vets and an anxious dog mum.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 20 - me n' mu brudder...I boss him around.

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Day 20 - as per usual, I spoke too soon

I wonder if koda reads this blog. After making a big deal out of her lack of vomitting on her ortho bed this time around..guess which sound I woke to this morning? Yeah.. There ya go.
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 18 - incision

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Day 18 - It's only a matter of days before this cushion gets it, woman.

Last time koda had her surgery, around the 6 week mark she destroyed her ortho bed. A clear sign she was feeling better.

Well, she's already got the corners torn with some errant fluffs floating about when i come home from work. I expect a total massacre any day now. When this happens, and it will, she'll go back to her blanket and no more luxurious, orthopedic egg crate cushion covered in sheepskin.

Although now that i think of it.. she hasn't barfed on the bed once. She Christened her last one on day 2.. 3.. 5.. 8.. and 12 - 24.

It's a little tougher to update this blog now that we're in the stage I like to call "maintenance mode". There's not much to koda's life except eating, peeing and crating. She's still in there 24/7 except for pee breaks.. and she'll continue to be in there for the next 5ish weeks.. so yeah.. boring for everyone, i guess.

I need to get a decent pic of her incision.. i don't think i've done that since her stitches came out and i wanted to get a shot of the bottom piece that wasn't as healed as the top.. it all seems to be good now though..

Her cough is still hanging around.. especially in the morning when she gets excited for her food.. but she has 3 more pills to take, so i'll give it the entire week before worrying.

I've started cutting down on the metacam. It was last week that i stopped it completely and she went back to limping.. so this week i'll start giving her less and less and see if that helps her transition off of it. That stuff must be really good if it can make the difference between limp and none whatsoever.

So that's it.. nothing really telling, but it's a case of no news is good news. I'll get some pics of her incision up later today.