Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Week 5 Day 6 -

People who don't have dogs think i'm insane.

Some with also think that.

Well, we're having a bit of a heat wave up here in northeastern ontario.. something we never had all year last year.. so nobody's complaining too loudly.

I left the AC on in the house for the dogs while i'm at work.

Normally i probably wouldn't have.. there are cool floor surfaces they can lay on and with all the blinds closed i can usually keep the house cool enough for someone who's sedentary.. but with Princess Gimpy forced into a crate w/o a cool surface.. and even worse that her ortho bed is foam wrapped in sheepskin ish..

Plus it's one thing less for me to worry about.

She's doing great, btw.. i can bring her out for some reprive time on the deck with me which is nice.. her and tuck don't play on the deck so she gets to stretch her legs a bit out there.

We start our walks on thursday.

She looks like she's 100% back to normal.. no limps, no pain, nothing.. she looks great. Remember self.. she looks perfect, but she's not.. you'll get there!

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