Thursday, June 11, 2009

Week 4

WEEK FOUR!!! How awesome is week four? I love week four.. week four is when they have a good amount of pep.. they feel better.. the pain level, i'm assuming, is manageable and the best part.. you're almost 1/3 of the way finished this process.

Week four feels like you're getting somewhere!

And THAT, is the best part of Week four.

We're still in maintenance mode.. our routine is set and there's not much straying from it. crated 24/7 still, but she seems to take her sweet time finding the perfect spot to poop. I suppose if that was my only freedom during the day, i wouldn't be in a hurry either.. but whem mommy is already late for work and she's sniffing every blade of grass... well... mommy needs more coffee.

Anyway.. i'm now unsure if Koda's cough was related to her surgery at all now.. turns out, it /may/ be an allergy and if it is, you can go ahead and disregard all my lamenting on this blog. Although it is good to note that it is possible for a dog to get Kennel Cough or have throat problems because of intubation and it would sound similar to what koda has.. More investigation required.

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