Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The evening after the post below

I'm not even sure if that post made any sense.. i was trying to bang it out in between my boss asking me a bunch of questions and the phone ringing. If it ended up being coherent.. it's a miracle.

Now.. remember that part where i said oh, she can be on the deck no problem.. she doesn't play on there...

Why do my dogs insist on making me a liar?

It's my fault really.. she sometimes gets this squirly look on her face that says.. i'm about to go crazy! lookout! but i can normally get her to control it and calm down.

I wasn't paying attention, and by the time i saw the butt tuck start, it was too late.. that sweet face turned into monster dog, ran around the table, got her foot caught in the mosquito netting attached to the gazebo and put a huge hole in it.


my sanctuary has a blemish.


I sent that furry butt straight back to the crate where she proceeding to give me those puppy dog eyes.

Momma? I didn't mean it...

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