Thursday, June 4, 2009

Week 3 - Are we there yet?

So.. we've reached week three.. my girl is in fine form and bored to tears, i suspect. I got her metacam down to 1/3 the dosage she was originally taking and no limp, yet. Yay!

I did some searching from her previous surgery and i found that I can actually start taking her on short walks in as little as 3 weeks. Crated longer, though. I think some quick strolls down the street will do wonders for her spirit though.

You know.. you research this stuff like crazy before your dog has the surgery. You read about what to do, what can go wrong, all the things you need to buy and expect, but there are a few things that get left out.. how much you miss your dog!

Sure she's still a foot away from me when we watch tv.. but koda is the happy, bouncy, super snuggly dog with absolutely no regard for personal space. If you don't want to cuddle? Too bad, you're doing it!

She's such a happy wiggle butt.. something i get to see for the brief moments that occur between the crate and the front door on her pee breaks. I miss her.. she's right there, and i still miss her.

I keep reminding myself that it's going to be worth it, and I know it will be.. i just can't wait to have my girl back and zonked out on the couch, taking up all the room and leaving me with little =)

One thing that's important to remember, with a high energy dog.. they LOOK good so early on.. it's so tempting to relax the rules a bit.. but the rules are there for a reason.. and we all know what master manupulators dogs are.. DON'T DO IT!

If koda had her way, she'd be bouncing around the place like nothing happened.

There's still 2-3 months of restrictions on her.. at 3 weeks she's seems so good.. it's not easy to force bouncy dogs to behave for that long!

Anyway.. we've been very fortunate to have little problems this time around.. i'll have to post the pictures of her first surgery and the swelling in her leg that sent me to the emerg vet and caused a whole bruhaha between 3 vets and an anxious dog mum.


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