Monday, June 8, 2009

Week 3 Day 5

Koda has a vet appt tonight at 6:30. The coughing, hacking hasn't really stopped since she finished her last round of anti-biotics. It only really happens when she's excited.. mostly for a meal or when she's out of her crate and going outside to pee.

Sometimes, however.. nothing is going on and she'll start.. or she'll start breathing really heavy, in and out, through her nose. She can't stop.. she does it really quickly for 30 seconds at a time.. she woke from a dead sleep once doing that.. it's weird. She doesn't seem scared and when she's done, she settles right away.. but it can't be comfortable for her.

So.. off we go again.. we're close enough to her 4 week post-op to have a good look at her leg tonight too.. hopefully i'll get some positive feedback.

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