Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 18 - It's only a matter of days before this cushion gets it, woman.

Last time koda had her surgery, around the 6 week mark she destroyed her ortho bed. A clear sign she was feeling better.


Well, she's already got the corners torn with some errant fluffs floating about when i come home from work. I expect a total massacre any day now. When this happens, and it will, she'll go back to her blanket and no more luxurious, orthopedic egg crate cushion covered in sheepskin.

Although now that i think of it.. she hasn't barfed on the bed once. She Christened her last one on day 2.. 3.. 5.. 8.. and 12 - 24.

It's a little tougher to update this blog now that we're in the stage I like to call "maintenance mode". There's not much to koda's life except eating, peeing and crating. She's still in there 24/7 except for pee breaks.. and she'll continue to be in there for the next 5ish weeks.. so yeah.. boring for everyone, i guess.

I need to get a decent pic of her incision.. i don't think i've done that since her stitches came out and i wanted to get a shot of the bottom piece that wasn't as healed as the top.. it all seems to be good now though..

Her cough is still hanging around.. especially in the morning when she gets excited for her food.. but she has 3 more pills to take, so i'll give it the entire week before worrying.

I've started cutting down on the metacam. It was last week that i stopped it completely and she went back to limping.. so this week i'll start giving her less and less and see if that helps her transition off of it. That stuff must be really good if it can make the difference between limp and none whatsoever.

So that's it.. nothing really telling, but it's a case of no news is good news. I'll get some pics of her incision up later today.


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