Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 2 - The day we celebrate urine.

Just called to check on my girl.. she went out for a pee this morning and balanced herself into a perfect tripod that only a lady could pull of with grace and dignity.

She's doing great!

I'm less apprehensive about this recovery and more excited to do it and be done with it, quite frankly. She was such a good girl the last round.. 8 weeks in a crate except for pee breaks? She was an angel.. i hope she does that again, because it really made things quite easy to deal with.

Tomorrow morning me and my friend Trish will make the treck back to pick her up and bring her home. Last time we sedated her so she'd sleep on the way home.. she didn't sleep for one single second.. but she was so sedated she was totally out of it.. add a cone to that mix and it was the most pathetic looking face ever. I wanted to squish her the whole way home!

Good squish, not bad squish.

So, I guess baring any medical emergencies.. i'll update tomorrow when I pick her up.. I can't wait to see her.. it was so quiet last night w/o hours of bitey face at my feet. (Really, there's an entire house here.. must you do that at my feet?)


  1. Continued good thoughts for Koda and safe travels for you and Trish

  2. Koda, we have been thinking about you on our parallel journies! Look forward to staying in touch during recovery period number 2!

    Also, Heisman tagged you over on her blog - take a look!