Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 4 - oh poop

Yay! She pooped! Not having kids my excitement for this was a surprise. She poops and we're both relieved!

She had a great night last night. Didn't wake up or complain and she walks right into her crate after every potty break. No coaxing.

She has some bruising around the incision but it's mild. I'll get some pics of that soon. So far, so good.

She's been putting weight on that leg since Day 1, apparently. The vet was quite surprised and pleased.. as it stands now.. her limp is very mild. She did this last time too and but i thought it was because both of her legs sucked and she'd have pain putting weight on either leg..

poor tuck wants so much to play.. i almost throttled him for bouncing around her this morning, but he doesn't understand.. a few days ago she was playing bitey face with him and now mommy gets mad when he goes anywhere near her.. he's so confused and i feel bad for him. Plus Koda got here in late October.. 3 months later she's in for surgery.. 3 months later she's in again.. this girl is going to think i'm the devil.. in 3 months from now, she'll probably start hiding under the bed =)

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