Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 13 - Bouncy paws with an attitude!

Princess Gimpy is quite full of herself these past few days.. obviously feeling good and not afraid to show it. "Keep them quiet" are words I laugh at when referring to my Labs. I mean, come on! The second I let koder out of her crate she's all vinegar and bounce.. bounce bounce bounce.

Stop that! You quit being happy right now, bad girl!

Ridiculous, right?

Anyway.. things are going well.. that weird cough I was talking about 2 days ago persists.. but only when she whines.. which is usually in relation to meal time and i'm not going fast enough to her liking.. which means the speed of light.

It's disturbing.. but on the plus side, has reduced her whine-fest a bit.. it's hard to whine and wheeze at the same time.. though obviously not impossible.

I need to call the vet tomorrow to set up a followup check.. i'll have to ask them then what this could be.

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