Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 14 - Oh, were you getting comfortable? Let me fix that for you...

Koda awoke this morning with a limp. She has never regressed before so it surprised me. Especially since she hasn't had a limp since a few days after surgery.

I wonder if she may have slept on it wrong..since technically she has laid on that side since she came home. I always wondered how comfortable that would be.

I guess we'll have to be super careful with her .. that bouncy girl is going to have to relax. That's going to be hard!

Also the cough persists. I wonder if it's kennel cough? It's only when she whines for her food..or whatever it is she's whining about. The vet opens at 9am.. so i'll have to make a real appt for her.

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