Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 6 - Is it only Day 6?

This morning was better.. we had a rough one last night trying to figure out how to get koda in and our of the front door safely. I knew i had a problem when tuck nearly fell off the edge of the stairs coming in.. so now there's an elaborate dance we have to go through to get both of them out and back in w/o sending my heart into convulsions.

When i got home from work yesterday my dad was there tearing down my old deck. I say deck but that's not a great description.. more like a small porch w/o walls. An ugly one.

So of course the dogs were barky and excited .. but after awhile with me there they calmed down enough to nap.. even with the saw going .. i hope they'll remember this today when they start building the new deck.. i worry..

She didn't poop last night.. but she did this morning.. light in colour and loose.

Now i know some of you are.. yeah, thanks for that.. but i figure this blog may live on long after koda has recovered and SOMEONE out there is going to wonder what post op day 6 poop looks like!

So there you go..

Otherwise the stitches are holding up.. and so far so good.

I think i'll go visit her at lunch. I used to go at lunch in the beginning of her first surgery recovery.. the problem is she'd get so excited and worked up, i think i ended up doing more damage than just letting her rest all day.. so i tend not to visit her if i can't stay home. But she may need some reassurance with all the work going on outside her house.

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