Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 5 - I'm already losing my mind.

I maintain that the first 2 weeks are the worst. Add a deck build to the mix and I'm ready to scream.

Koda is full-on uncomfortable and making sure I know it. Because my back door can't be used I have to take her out the front and it's really tricky with no landing to get her in position with her sling.


Once the cone is off both of our mood improves. She can't get comfortable in her crate. But taking it off isn't an option.

So..for now we muddle through. She gets her stitches off Monday. I can survive until then. I hope.
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  1. I guess the blow-up collar is cutting it?


  2. Well, it is more comfortable for her.. i'll give it that.. and if she's lying down it does deter her.. but she can fairly easily sit up and lean her head back and lick the stitches.

    I really wish it was the solution.. but it's good enough that she can wear it when i'm around, and the cone when i'm not.

    It would be perfect for a flat-faced dog, i suspect.