Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week 15 Day 1 - Vet Visit

I have to type this fast, i have two faces looking at me to go outside..

Took koda to the vet who was very happy with what she saw.. walking great, no pain, no sign of any concern.

She does have some limited movement so i'm going to have to stretch out that ligament myself everyday by manipulating her leg and knee to get things a little more mobile. She is a bit careful when sitting, which is how you can tell she does have some mobility issues, but walking and running is more a straight up and down thing, so that's not going to help much.. it has to be stretched to really fix it.

So that's our project.. me stretching out her legs and knees for the next few weeks.. that being said, she has the go ahead to resume normal activity and start an obedience class.


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