Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 13 Day 5

I'm not sure if my eyes were decieving me or not, but i could swear koda's bull-legged walk had all but disappeared.

It wasn't that long ago i watched her and though.. well.. maybe she'll always walk like that.. and then yesterday when she was walking across the deck, i didn't see one.. not at all.

There's still some swelling in her legs.. it can takes months for that to go down.. months and months and months.. so it can make her gawky walk more pronounced, but yesterday she looked REALLY good!

I need to video her walking. That's going to be interesting to explain.. "excuse me, why are you filming your dog's butt?"

Yeah.. like my neighbours don't already think i'm insane?

She still looks a bit weird when she poops though.. not as ginger as she used to be, but it can take some shuffling around to find the perfect squat.. i'm wondering if that's getting used to a new bone placement? Something?

I'm not sure..

I've been putting off leaving her out of her crate during the day.. i'm so nervous! I know tuck likes to sleep whhile i'm gone, but will they play when i'm not there? What if she hurts herself because i'm not there to tell her to calm her furry butt down? She can get into a butt tuck in .3 seconds when playing with my other dog .. if i'mnot there to stop her...

Gah.. plus i don't know if she has seperation anxiety issues.. destruction problems.. i really don't know. I've started to leave her in the house whil i go run errands and so far so good.. so i left her in the crate this morning that we both know she can get open with her nose.. i figure i'll leave the decision up to her. We'll see how many wiggly butts greet me at the door when i get home from work. =)

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