Thursday, August 13, 2009

Week 13 - Day 1


This is the week that signals the official end to Koda's recovery! The date we've been looking forward to for quite some time!

My gir's all ready to go!

Her last vet appt is next week because the vet is at a conference this week, but man, what a relief!

It's been such a long, arduous time these past six months..

She came to me broken.. discarded by her previous owner who was going to put her down.. she was only 15 months old!

I don't think i knew what i was getting into.. i'm sure i didn't

the anxiety of surgery, the long trips back and forth to the vet (4 trips, 10 hours each) the leash restrictions to potty, the crate restrictions, the meds the panic when she did something she shouldn't, yelling at my other dog when he tried to engage her in play..

and then we did it all over again.. but we're done! And the happy, bouncy Lab who snuggles in for the evening with me, was worth every second!

I'm going to take a video this weekend and post it - a girl with two brand new knees =)

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