Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Week 14 Day 6 - Life's a beach

Last night I took both dogs, by myself, to the beach. Why would i do that? Tucker, being 7, was pretty easy to handle.. Koda, the complete opposite. I had forgotten what a pain in the butt puppies are! Okay, she's 2, but still.. pulling.. not listening.. GET ME TO THE WATER NOW!!!


Anyway.. once we got there, everyone had their harness and floaty rope attached, it actually went great. The water was warm, the training dummy was ready and both dogs were raring to go.

I went in to my knees and threw that dummy for an hour. Seriously.. tucker is a relentless retriever but superb at bringing it back and releasing it which makes the game enjoyable for me.. koda is a MUCH faster swimmer than tuck.. but tucker always got a head start.. i don't think Koda won a single race =)

So.. her first water adventure after 2 knee surgeries? Perfection. No a single limp.. this morning i looked for stiffness when she woke up.. pfft.. she sprinted to her food dish.

I have often wished she could talk so i could really know if she has any pain, the severety and what it is in comparisson to before surgery.. i /think/ i remember her previous owner saying she'd limp after short walks at after water exercise. She doesn't limp at all now.. so i hope that's her talking to me =)

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  1. So cute they really enjoy the water...I love the video so much...I will share it to my friends who loves dog also...^_^

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