Friday, September 18, 2009

Her first surgery was February 5th..

I've mentioned this throughout the blog but never had a chance to post the pictures.

This blog is about Koda's second surgery. I wish i had kept one for her first, but it hadn't occured to me at the time. I read several other blogs as I progressed through her first surgery and they were such a help to me, that i decided to create one for her second in hopes of helping others.

Now that Princess Gimpy is fully recovered from two knee surgeries and doing great, I need to post some pics so i can show you what went wrong with her first surgery.

The pictures below are fairly graphic. They were taken about 7-10 days after her surgery and it sent me out to the emergency vet in tears. I LOOKED SO BAD.. the emergency vet scared the crap out of me saying she'd probably need to redo her surgery and this was a case of a poor job done by the vet.. when i was able to take her into my regular vet (not the surgeon) she said it wasn't bad, it was fluid building up and if we drained it, it would just build up again, so she stapled the wound shut and sent me home.

One week after the swelling started, it was MUCH better.. it happens.. but it really scared me half to death.

These before and after pictures were taken exactly one week apart.. the before pics were taken the night i brought her to the emergency vet.

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