Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 8 Day 5 - C'mere so i can spank you

As the weeks pass, the challenges change. When Koda came to me at 15 months of age, she had 2 blown knees and had spent at least the 3 months before that in pain.

Once the first leg was done, she was still even tempered since she still had pain in the second leg.. but now the second leg is healing and we're getting closer to where both legs will feel better for her than they have in a really long time.

Now her lack of obedience and pent-up energy is as much of a hurdle for us as surgeries were in the beginning.

Keeping her calm. That's a tough one. Add to that her strange food aggression issues with my other dog and her leash issues and suddenly i'm presented with new obstacles I didn't face the first time around.

Food aggression has been dealt with keeping her crated at meal time. Seems to do the trick.. but i'm hoping to FIX the problem, not contain it, since it would be really nice not to have to worry about her in public if there was another dog around with a cookie.

Last night I gave her and tuck a denta stick.. koda had hers in her crate, tuck in the same room. Everything was fine until they were both done and i let Princess Gimpy out of her crate.. she immediately when sniffing around where tuck had eaten his, looking for crumbs, and when tuck passed by the area teeth and growls broke out, first from koda, then fromt Tuck.

I aas actually happy to see tucker stand up for himself.. he usually just ignores her tantrums.. but still, that girl has some issues that are going to need dealing with. Luckily she is not food aggressive with me.. i can stick my hand in her mouth and pull out a bone and she's fine.. tucker is a whole other story.

I ordered a book called Mine! A Practical Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs by Jean Donaldson which gets some favourable reviews.

She also needs some beginner obedience classes as soon as her leg is healed.

She is the super great dog most of the time and i love her to pieces..i really hope we can fix this problem. I was so mad at her last night and into this morning.. she probably knew that but had no idea why.. i feel bad for being angry with her, but threatning tuck really upsets me.. he's so tolerant of her but becoming even more distant these days.. i'm assuming he's pretty fed up with her bossiness.

He does love to play bitey face with her, though.

Anyway.. i'm feeling a little down about this whole thing today.. maybe today will be a better day. Until i can get some direction on how to fix this.. no more treats.

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